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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:collection';
import 'arg_parser.dart';
/// Creates a new [ArgResults].
/// Since [ArgResults] doesn't have a public constructor, this lets [ArgParser]
/// get to it. This function isn't exported to the public API of the package.
ArgResults newArgResults(
ArgParser parser,
Map<String, dynamic> parsed,
String name,
ArgResults command,
List<String> rest,
List<String> arguments) {
return ArgResults._(parser, parsed, name, command, rest, arguments);
/// The results of parsing a series of command line arguments using
/// [ArgParser.parse()].
/// Includes the parsed options and any remaining unparsed command line
/// arguments.
class ArgResults {
/// The [ArgParser] whose options were parsed for these results.
final ArgParser _parser;
/// The option values that were parsed from arguments.
final Map<String, dynamic> _parsed;
/// If these are the results for parsing a command's options, this will be the
/// name of the command. For top-level results, this returns `null`.
final String name;
/// The command that was selected, or `null` if none was.
/// This will contain the options that were selected for that command.
final ArgResults command;
/// The remaining command-line arguments that were not parsed as options or
/// flags.
/// If `--` was used to separate the options from the remaining arguments,
/// it will not be included in this list unless parsing stopped before the
/// `--` was reached.
final List<String> rest;
/// The original list of arguments that were parsed.
final List<String> arguments;
/// Creates a new [ArgResults].
ArgResults._(this._parser, this._parsed,, this.command,
List<String> rest, List<String> arguments)
: rest = UnmodifiableListView(rest),
arguments = UnmodifiableListView(arguments);
/// Gets the parsed command-line option named [name].
dynamic operator [](String name) {
if (!_parser.options.containsKey(name)) {
throw ArgumentError('Could not find an option named "$name".');
return _parser.options[name].getOrDefault(_parsed[name]);
/// Get the names of the available options as an [Iterable].
/// This includes the options whose values were parsed or that have defaults.
/// Options that weren't present and have no default will be omitted.
Iterable<String> get options {
var result = Set<String>.from(_parsed.keys);
// Include the options that have defaults.
_parser.options.forEach((name, option) {
if (option.defaultsTo != null) result.add(name);
return result;
/// Returns `true` if the option with [name] was parsed from an actual
/// argument.
/// Returns `false` if it wasn't provided and the default value or no default
/// value would be used instead.
bool wasParsed(String name) {
var option = _parser.options[name];
if (option == null) {
throw ArgumentError('Could not find an option named "$name".');
return _parsed.containsKey(name);