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Angular2 Dart Analysis Plugins

Integration with Dart Analysis Server

To provide information for DAS clients the server_plugin plugin contributes several extensions.

  • Angular analysis errors are automatically merged into normal errors notifications for Dart and HTML files.
  • Navigation extension contributes navigation regions:
    • In external HTML templates.
    • In inline templates in Dart files.
    • In Dart annotations:
      • navigation from templateUrl to the corresponding HTML files.
      • navigation from input declarations to setters, e.g. to text in inputs: const ['text: my-text'].
  • Occurrences extension reports regions where every Dart element or an input is used in a Dart or HTML file. So, clients of DAS can highlight all of the whe user select one.

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Download chrome depot tools, and clone this repository.

Then run

cd server_plugin/bin

Back up sdk_path/snapshots/analysis_server.dart.snapshot and replace it with server.snapshot. Restart the dart analysis server by clicking the skull.

Check the pubspec.yaml in your project for transformers. They are not supported. You must manually add CORE_DIRECTIVES to your components right now for this plugin to work.

Chart of Current Features

All regular dart errros (that is to say, errors defined purely by the dart language spec) are not shown in this list.

bootstrap(AppComponent, [MyService, provide(...)]);:no_pedestrians: Is there anything to validate here that the dart checker doesn't already catch?:x::x::x:
Template syntaxValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
<input [value]="firstName">:white_check_mark: soundness of expression, type of expression, existence of value on element or directive:x::x::x:
<input bind-value="firstName">:white_check_mark::x::x::x:
<div [attr.role]="myAriaRole">:last_quarter_moon: soundness of expression, but no other validation:x::x::x:
<div [class.extra-sparkle]="isDelightful">:white_check_mark: validity of clasname, soundness of expression, type of expression must be bool:x::x::x:
<div [style.width.px]="mySize">:waning_gibbous_moon: soundness of expression, css properties are generally checked but not against a dictionary, same for units, expression must type to int if units are present:x::x::x:
<button (click)="readRainbow($event)">:white_check_mark: soundness of expression, type of $event, existence of output on component/element and DOM events which propagate can be tracked anywhere:x::x::x:
<button on-click="readRainbow($event)">:white_check_mark::x::x::x:
<div title="Hello {{ponyName}}">:white_check_mark: soundness of expression, matching mustache delimiters:x::x::x:
<p>Hello {{ponyName}}</p>:white_check_mark: soundness of expression, matching mustache delimiters:x::x::x:
<my-cmp></my-cmp>:white_check_mark: Existence of directive:x::x::x:
<my-cmp [(title)]="name">:white_check_mark: soundness of expression, existence of title input and titleChange output on directive or component with proper type:x::x::x:
<video #movieplayer ...></video><button (click)="">:white_check_mark: Type of new variable tracked and checked in other expressions:x::x::x:
<video ref-movieplayer ...></video><button (click)="">:white_check_mark::x::x::x:
<p *myUnless="myExpression">...</p>:white_check_mark: desugared to <template [myUnless]="myExpression"><p>... and checked from there:x::x::x:
`Card No.: {{cardNumbermyCardNumberFormatter}}`:x: Pipes are not typechecked yet:x::x:
Built-in directivesValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
<section *ngIf="showSection">:white_check_mark: type checking, check for the star:x::x::x:
<li *ngFor="let item of list">:white_check_mark: type checking and new var, check for the star, catch accidental usage of #item:x::x::x:
<div [ngClass]="{active: isActive, disabled: isDisabled}">:warning: Requires quotes around key value strings to work:x::x::x:
<input [(ngModel)]="userName">:white_check_mark::x::x::x:
<form #myform="ngForm">:white_check_mark: if ngForm is not an exported directive:x::x::x:
Class decoratorsValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
@Component(...) class MyComponent {}:white_check_mark: Validates directives list is all directives, that the template file exists, that a template is specified via string or URL but not both, requires a valid selector:x::x::x:
@View(...) class MyComponent {}:warning: Supported, requires @Directive or @Component, but doesn't catch ambigous cases such as templates defined in the @View as well as @Component:x::x::x:
@Directive(...) class MyDirective {}:white_check_mark: Validates directives list is all directives, that the template file exists, that a template is specified via string or URL but not both, requires a valid selector:x::x::x:
@Pipe(...) class MyPipe {}:x::x::x::x:
@Injectable() class MyService {}:x::x::x::x:
Directive configurationValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
@Directive(property1: value1, ...):warning: deprecated, but supported:x::x::x:
selector: '.cool-button:not(a)':waning_gibbous_moon: Not all selector syntax supported:x::x::x:
providers: [MyService, provide(...)]:x::x::x::x:
inputs: ['myprop', 'myprop2: byname']:white_check_mark::x::x::x:
outputs: ['myprop', 'myprop2: byname']:white_check_mark::x::x::x:

@Component extends @Directive, so the @Directive configuration applies to components as well

Component ConfigurationValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
viewProviders: [MyService, provide(...)]:x::x::x::x:
template: 'Hello {{name}}':white_check_mark::x::x::x:
templateUrl: 'my-component.html':white_check_mark::x::x::x:
styles: ['.primary {color: red}']:x::x::x::x:
styleUrls: ['my-component.css']:x::x::x::x:
directives: [MyDirective, MyComponent]:white_check_mark: must be directives or lists of directives, configuration affects view errors:x::x::x:
pipes: [MyPipe, OtherPipe]:x::x::x::x:
Class field decorators for directives and componentsValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
@Input() myProperty;:white_check_mark::x::x::x:
@Input("name") myProperty;:white_check_mark::x::x::x:
@Output() myEvent = new EventEmitter();:white_check_mark: Subtype of Stream<T> required, streamed type determines $event type:x::x::x:
@Output("name") myEvent = new EventEmitter();:white_check_mark::x::x::x:
@HostBinding('[class.valid]') isValid;:x::x::x::x:
@HostListener('click', ['$event']) onClick(e) {...}:x::x::x::x:
@ContentChild(myPredicate) myChildComponent;:x::x::x::x:
@ContentChildren(myPredicate) myChildComponents;:x::x::x::x:
@ViewChild(myPredicate) myChildComponent;:x::x::x::x:
@ViewChildren(myPredicate) myChildComponents;:x::x::x::x:
Directive and component change detection and lifecycle hooks (implemented as class methods)ValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
MyAppComponent(MyService myService, ...) { ... }:x::x::x::x:
ngOnChanges(changeRecord) { ... }:x::x::x::x:
ngOnInit() { ... }:x::x::x::x:
ngDoCheck() { ... }:x::x::x::x:
ngAfterContentInit() { ... }:x::x::x::x:
ngAfterContentChecked() { ... }:x::x::x::x:
ngAfterViewInit() { ... }:x::x::x::x:
ngAfterViewChecked() { ... }:x::x::x::x:
ngOnDestroy() { ... }:x::x::x::x:
Dependency injection configurationValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
provide(MyService, useClass: MyMockService):x::x::x::x:
provide(MyService, useFactory: myFactory):x::x::x::x:
provide(MyValue, useValue: 41):x::x::x::x:
Routing and navigationValidationAuto-CompleteNavigationRefactoring
@RouteConfig(const [ const Route(...) ]):x::x::x::x:
<router-outlet></router-outlet>:no_pedestrians: Is there anything to validate here?:x::x::x:
<a [routerLink]="[ '/MyCmp', {myParam: 'value' } ]">:question::x::x::x:
@CanActivate(() => ...)class MyComponent() {}:x::x::x::x:
routerOnActivate(nextInstruction, prevInstruction) { ... }:x::x::x::x:
routerCanReuse(nextInstruction, prevInstruction) { ... }:x::x::x::x:
routerOnReuse(nextInstruction, prevInstruction) { ... }:x::x::x::x:
routerCanDeactivate(nextInstruction, prevInstruction) { ... }:x::x::x::x:
routerOnDeactivate(nextInstruction, prevInstruction) { ... }:x::x::x::x: