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import 'package:analyzer/file_system/file_system.dart' as resource;
import 'package:analyzer/file_system/memory_file_system.dart' as resource;
import 'package:analyzer/src/context/cache.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/context/context.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/engine.dart' show AnalysisEngine;
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/sdk.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/source.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/summary/idl.dart' show PackageBundle;
import 'package:analyzer/src/summary/summary_file_builder.dart';
const librariesContent = r'''
const libraries = const <String, LibraryInfo>{
"async": const LibraryInfo("async/async.dart"),
"collection": const LibraryInfo("collection/collection.dart"),
"convert": const LibraryInfo("convert/convert.dart"),
"core": const LibraryInfo("core/core.dart"),
"html": const LibraryInfo(
dart2jsPath: "html/dart2js/html_dart2js.dart"),
"math": const LibraryInfo("math/math.dart"),
"_foreign_helper": const LibraryInfo("_internal/js_runtime/lib/foreign_helper.dart"),
const sdkRoot = '/sdk';
const _LIB_ASYNC =
const _MockSdkLibrary('dart:async', '$sdkRoot/lib/async/async.dart', '''
library dart.async;
part 'stream.dart';
part 'future.dart';
class Duration {}
''', const <String, String>{
'$sdkRoot/lib/async/stream.dart': r'''
part of dart.async;
abstract class Stream<T> {
Future<T> get first;
StreamSubscription<T> listen(void onData(T event),
{ Function onError,
void onDone(),
bool cancelOnError});
abstract class StreamSubscription<T> {
Future cancel();
void onData(void handleData(T data));
void onError(Function handleError);
void onDone(void handleDone());
void pause([Future resumeSignal]);
void resume();
bool get isPaused;
Future<E> asFuture<E>([E futureValue]);
abstract class StreamTransformer<S, T> {}
'$sdkRoot/lib/async/future.dart': r'''
part of dart.async;
class Future<T> {
factory Future(computation()) => null;
factory Future.delayed(Duration duration, [T computation()]) => null;
factory Future.value([value]) => null;
static Future<List/*<T>*/> wait/*<T>*/(
Iterable<Future/*<T>*/> futures) => null;
Future/*<R>*/ then/*<R>*/(FutureOr/*<R>*/ onValue(T value)) => null;
Future<T> whenComplete(action()) => null;
abstract class FutureOr<T> {}
abstract class Completer<T> {
factory Completer() => new _AsyncCompleter<T>();
factory Completer.sync() => new _SyncCompleter<T>();
Future<T> get future;
void complete([value]);
void completeError(Object error, [StackTrace stackTrace]);
bool get isCompleted;
class _AsyncCompleter<T> implements Completer<T> {
Future<T> get future => null;
void complete([value]) => null;
void completeError(Object error, [StackTrace stackTrace]) => null;
bool get isCompleted => null;
class _SyncCompleter<T> implements Completer<T> {
Future<T> get future => null;
void complete([value]) => null;
void completeError(Object error, [StackTrace stackTrace]) => null;
bool get isCompleted => null;
const _LIB_COLLECTION = const _MockSdkLibrary(
'dart:collection', '$sdkRoot/lib/collection/collection.dart', '''
library dart.collection;
abstract class HashMap<K, V> implements Map<K, V> {}
const _LIB_CONVERT = const _MockSdkLibrary(
'dart:convert', '$sdkRoot/lib/convert/convert.dart', '''
library dart.convert;
import 'dart:async';
abstract class Converter<S, T> implements StreamTransformer {}
class JsonDecoder extends Converter<String, Object> {}
const _LIB_CORE =
const _MockSdkLibrary('dart:core', '$sdkRoot/lib/core/core.dart', '''
library dart.core;
import 'dart:async';
class Object {
const Object() {}
bool operator ==(other) => identical(this, other);
String toString() => 'a string';
int get hashCode => 0;
Type get runtimeType => null;
dynamic noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) => null;
class Function {}
class StackTrace {}
class Symbol {
const factory Symbol(String name) {
return null;
class Type {}
abstract class Comparable<T> {
int compareTo(T other);
abstract class Pattern {}
abstract class String implements Comparable<String>, Pattern {
external factory String.fromCharCodes(Iterable<int> charCodes,
[int start = 0, int end]);
String operator +(String other) => null;
bool get isEmpty => false;
bool get isNotEmpty => false;
int get length => 0;
String substring(int len) => null;
String toLowerCase();
String toUpperCase();
List<int> get codeUnits;
abstract class RegExp implements Pattern {
external factory RegExp(String source);
class bool extends Object {
external const factory bool.fromEnvironment(String name,
{bool defaultValue: false});
abstract class Invocation {}
abstract class num implements Comparable<num> {
bool operator <(num other);
bool operator <=(num other);
bool operator >(num other);
bool operator >=(num other);
num operator +(num other);
num operator -(num other);
num operator *(num other);
num operator /(num other);
int operator ^(int other);
int operator |(int other);
int operator <<(int other);
int operator >>(int other);
int operator ~/(num other);
num operator %(num other);
int operator ~();
num operator -();
int toInt();
double toDouble();
num abs();
int round();
abstract class int extends num {
external const factory int.fromEnvironment(String name, {int defaultValue});
bool get isNegative;
bool get isEven => false;
int operator &(int other);
int operator |(int other);
int operator ^(int other);
int operator ~();
int operator <<(int shiftAmount);
int operator >>(int shiftAmount);
int operator -();
external static int parse(String source,
{ int radix,
int onError(String source) });
abstract class double extends num {
static const double NAN = 0.0 / 0.0;
static const double INFINITY = 1.0 / 0.0;
static const double NEGATIVE_INFINITY = -INFINITY;
static const double MIN_POSITIVE = 5e-324;
static const double MAX_FINITE = 1.7976931348623157e+308;
double remainder(num other);
double operator +(num other);
double operator -(num other);
double operator *(num other);
double operator %(num other);
double operator /(num other);
int operator ~/(num other);
double operator -();
double abs();
double get sign;
int round();
int floor();
int ceil();
int truncate();
double roundToDouble();
double floorToDouble();
double ceilToDouble();
double truncateToDouble();
external static double parse(String source,
[double onError(String source)]);
class DateTime extends Object {}
class Null extends Object {
factory Null._uninstantiable() {
throw new UnsupportedError('class Null cannot be instantiated');
class Deprecated extends Object {
final String expires;
const Deprecated(this.expires);
const Object deprecated = const Deprecated("next release");
class Iterator<E> {
bool moveNext();
E get current;
abstract class Iterable<E> {
Iterator<E> get iterator;
bool get isEmpty;
E get first;
Iterable/*<R>*/ map/*<R>*/(/*=R*/ f(E e));
/*=R*/ fold/*<R>*/(/*=R*/ initialValue,
/*=R*/ combine(/*=R*/ previousValue, E element));
Iterable/*<T>*/ expand/*<T>*/(Iterable/*<T>*/ f(E element));
List<E> toList();
class List<E> implements Iterable<E> {
void add(E value) {}
void addAll(Iterable<E> iterable) {}
E operator [](int index) => null;
void operator []=(int index, E value) {}
Iterator<E> get iterator => null;
void clear() {}
bool get isEmpty => false;
E get first => null;
E get last => null;
Iterable/*<R>*/ map/*<R>*/(/*=R*/ f(E e)) => null;
/*=R*/ fold/*<R>*/(/*=R*/ initialValue,
/*=R*/ combine(/*=R*/ previousValue, E element)) => null;
class Map<K, V> extends Object {
V operator [](K key) => null;
void operator []=(K key, V value) {}
Iterable<K> get keys => null;
int get length;
Iterable<V> get values;
external bool identical(Object a, Object b);
void print(Object object) {}
class _Proxy { const _Proxy(); }
const Object proxy = const _Proxy();
class _Override { const _Override(); }
const Object override = const _Override();
const _LIB_FOREIGN_HELPER = const _MockSdkLibrary('dart:_foreign_helper',
'$sdkRoot/lib/_foreign_helper/_foreign_helper.dart', '''
library dart._foreign_helper;
JS(String typeDescription, String codeTemplate,
[arg0, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, arg5, arg6, arg7, arg8, arg9, arg10, arg11])
const _LIB_HTML_DART2JS = const _MockSdkLibrary(
'dart:html', '$sdkRoot/lib/html/dartium/html_dartium.dart', '''
library dart.html;
class HtmlElement {}
const _LIB_HTML_DARTIUM = const _MockSdkLibrary(
'dart:html', '$sdkRoot/lib/html/dartium/html_dartium.dart', '''
library dart.html;
import 'dart:async';
class Event {}
class MouseEvent extends Event {}
class FocusEvent extends Event {}
class KeyEvent extends Event {}
abstract class ElementStream<T extends Event> implements Stream<T> {}
abstract class Element {
/// Stream of `cut` events handled by this [Element].
ElementStream<Event> get onCut => null;
String get id => null;
set id(String value) => null;
class HtmlElement extends Element {
int tabIndex;
ElementStream<Event> get onChange => null;
ElementStream<MouseEvent> get onClick => null;
ElementStream<KeyEvent> get onKeyUp => null;
ElementStream<KeyEvent> get onKeyDown => null;
bool get hidden => null;
set hidden(bool value) => null;
void set className(String s){}
void set readOnly(bool b){}
void set tabIndex(int i){}
String _innerHtml;
String get innerHtml {
throw 'not the real implementation';
set innerHtml(String value) {
// stuff
dynamic JS(a, b, c, d) {}
class AnchorElement extends HtmlElement {
factory AnchorElement({String href}) {
AnchorElement e = JS('returns:AnchorElement;creates:AnchorElement;new:true',
'#.createElement(#)', document, "a");
if (href != null) e.href = href;
return e;
String href;
String _privateField;
class BodyElement extends HtmlElement {
factory BodyElement() => document.createElement("body");
ElementStream<Event> get onUnload => null;
class ButtonElement extends HtmlElement {
factory ButtonElement._() { throw new UnsupportedError("Not supported"); }
factory ButtonElement() => document.createElement("button");
bool autofocus;
class HeadingElement extends HtmlElement {
factory HeadingElement._() { throw new UnsupportedError("Not supported"); }
factory HeadingElement.h1() => document.createElement("h1");
factory HeadingElement.h2() => document.createElement("h2");
factory HeadingElement.h3() => document.createElement("h3");
class InputElement extends HtmlElement {
factory InputElement._() { throw new UnsupportedError("Not supported"); }
factory InputElement() => document.createElement("input");
String value;
String validationMessage;
class IFrameElement extends HtmlElement {
factory IFrameElement._() { throw new UnsupportedError("Not supported"); }
factory IFrameElement() => JS(
String src;
class OptionElement extends HtmlElement {
factory OptionElement({String data: '', String value : '', bool selected: false}) {
factory OptionElement._([String data, String value, bool defaultSelected, bool selected]) {
class TableSectionElement extends HtmlElement {
List<TableRowElement> get rows => null;
TableRowElement addRow() {
TableRowElement insertRow(int index) => null;
factory TableSectionElement._() { throw new UnsupportedError("Not supported"); }
@Deprecated("Internal Use Only")
external static Type get instanceRuntimeType;
@Deprecated("Internal Use Only")
TableSectionElement.internal_() : super.internal_();
class TemplateElement extends HtmlElement {
factory TemplateElement._() { throw new UnsupportedError("Not supported"); }
factory TemplateElement() => document.createElement("template");
class AudioElement extends MediaElement {
factory AudioElement._([String src]) {
if (src != null) {
return AudioElement._create_1(src);
return AudioElement._create_2();
static AudioElement _create_1(src) => JS('AudioElement', 'new Audio(#)', src);
static AudioElement _create_2() => JS('AudioElement', 'new Audio()');
AudioElement.created() : super.created();
factory AudioElement([String src]) => new AudioElement._(src);
class MediaElement extends Element {}
const _LIB_INTERCEPTORS = const _MockSdkLibrary('dart:_interceptors',
'$sdkRoot/lib/_internal/js_runtime/lib/interceptors.dart', '''
library dart._interceptors;
const _LIB_MATH =
const _MockSdkLibrary('dart:math', '$sdkRoot/lib/math/math.dart', '''
library dart.math;
const double E = 2.718281828459045;
const double PI = 3.1415926535897932;
const double LN10 = 2.302585092994046;
T min<T extends num>(T a, T b) => null;
T max<T extends num>(T a, T b) => null;
external double cos(num x);
external double sin(num x);
external double sqrt(num x);
class Random {
bool nextBool() => true;
double nextDouble() => 2.0;
int nextInt() => 1;
const _LIBRARIES = const <SdkLibrary>[
class MockSdk implements DartSdk {
static const Map<String, String> FULL_URI_MAP = const {
"dart:core": "$sdkRoot/lib/core/core.dart",
"dart:html": "$sdkRoot/lib/html/dartium/html_dartium.dart",
"dart:async": "$sdkRoot/lib/async/async.dart",
"dart:async/stream.dart": "$sdkRoot/lib/async/stream.dart",
"dart:async/future.dart": "$sdkRoot/lib/async/future.dart",
"dart:collection": "$sdkRoot/lib/collection/collection.dart",
"dart:convert": "$sdkRoot/lib/convert/convert.dart",
"dart:_foreign_helper": "$sdkRoot/lib/_foreign_helper/_foreign_helper.dart",
"dart:math": "$sdkRoot/lib/math/math.dart"
static const Map<String, String> NO_ASYNC_URI_MAP = const {
"dart:core": "$sdkRoot/lib/core/core.dart",
final resource.MemoryResourceProvider provider;
final Map<String, String> uriMap;
/// The [AnalysisContextImpl] which is used for all of the sources.
AnalysisContextImpl _analysisContext;
final List<SdkLibrary> sdkLibraries;
/// The cached linked bundle of the SDK.
PackageBundle _bundle;
{bool generateSummaryFiles: false,
bool dartAsync: true,
resource.MemoryResourceProvider resourceProvider})
: provider = resourceProvider ?? new resource.MemoryResourceProvider(),
sdkLibraries = dartAsync ? _LIBRARIES : [_LIB_CORE],
uriMap = dartAsync ? FULL_URI_MAP : NO_ASYNC_URI_MAP {
for (_MockSdkLibrary library in sdkLibraries) {
provider.newFile(provider.convertPath(library.path), library.content);, content) {
provider.newFile(provider.convertPath(path), content);
if (generateSummaryFiles) {
final bytes = _computeLinkedBundleBytes();
provider.convertPath('/lib/_internal/spec.sum'), bytes)
provider.convertPath('/lib/_internal/strong.sum'), bytes);
AnalysisContextImpl get context {
if (_analysisContext == null) {
_analysisContext = new _SdkAnalysisContext(this);
final factory = new SourceFactory([new DartUriResolver(this)]);
_analysisContext.sourceFactory = factory;
return _analysisContext;
String get sdkVersion => throw new UnimplementedError();
List<String> get uris => => library.shortName).toList();
Source fromFileUri(Uri uri) {
final filePath = provider.pathContext.fromUri(uri);
if (!filePath.startsWith(provider.convertPath('$sdkRoot/lib/'))) {
return null;
for (final library in sdkLibraries) {
final libraryPath = provider.convertPath(library.path);
if (filePath == libraryPath) {
try {
final resource.File file = provider.getResource(filePath);
final dartUri = Uri.parse(library.shortName);
return file.createSource(dartUri);
} catch (exception) {
return null;
// ignore: prefer_interpolation_to_compose_strings
final libraryRootPath = provider.pathContext.dirname(libraryPath) +
if (filePath.startsWith(libraryRootPath)) {
final pathInLibrary = filePath.substring(libraryRootPath.length);
final uriStr = '${library.shortName}/$pathInLibrary';
try {
final resource.File file = provider.getResource(filePath);
final dartUri = Uri.parse(uriStr);
return file.createSource(dartUri);
} catch (exception) {
return null;
return null;
PackageBundle getLinkedBundle() {
if (_bundle == null) {
final summaryFile =
List<int> bytes;
if (summaryFile.exists) {
bytes = summaryFile.readAsBytesSync();
} else {
bytes = _computeLinkedBundleBytes();
_bundle = new PackageBundle.fromBuffer(bytes);
return _bundle;
SdkLibrary getSdkLibrary(String dartUri) {
for (final library in _LIBRARIES) {
if (library.shortName == dartUri) {
return library;
return null;
Source mapDartUri(String dartUri) {
final path = uriMap[dartUri];
if (path != null) {
final resource.File file =
final uri = new Uri(scheme: 'dart', path: dartUri.substring(5));
return file.createSource(uri);
// If we reach here then we tried to use a dartUri that's not in the
// table above.
return null;
/// This method is used to apply patches to [MockSdk]. It may be called only
/// before analysis, i.e. before the analysis context was created.
void updateUriFile(String uri, String updateContent(String content)) {
assert(_analysisContext == null);
var path = FULL_URI_MAP[uri];
assert(path != null);
path = provider.convertPath(path);
final content = provider.getFile(path).readAsStringSync();
final newContent = updateContent(content);
provider.updateFile(path, newContent);
/// Compute the bytes of the linked bundle associated with this SDK.
List<int> _computeLinkedBundleBytes() {
final librarySources = => mapDartUri(library.shortName)).toList();
return new SummaryBuilder(librarySources, context, true).build();
class _MockSdkLibrary implements SdkLibrary {
final String shortName;
final String path;
final String content;
final Map<String, String> parts;
const _MockSdkLibrary(this.shortName, this.path, this.content,
[ = const <String, String>{}]);
String get category => throw new UnimplementedError();
bool get isDart2JsLibrary => throw new UnimplementedError();
bool get isDocumented => throw new UnimplementedError();
bool get isImplementation => throw new UnimplementedError();
bool get isInternal => shortName.startsWith('dart:_');
bool get isShared => throw new UnimplementedError();
bool get isVmLibrary => throw new UnimplementedError();
/// An [AnalysisContextImpl] that only contains sources for a Dart SDK.
class _SdkAnalysisContext extends AnalysisContextImpl {
final DartSdk sdk;
AnalysisCache createCacheFromSourceFactory(SourceFactory factory) {
if (factory == null) {
return super.createCacheFromSourceFactory(factory);
return new AnalysisCache(